Alex Metals purchase base metals, alloys and metals scrap, our specialized purchasers will purchase the best possible quality for customers. Purchasing via Alex Metals is a stress free process which will leave you more time and energy to focus your attention to the sales of high quality metals, alloys and metals scrap.


Besides the purchase, we also sell metals, alloys and metals scrap around the world.


Good and reliable logistic management leads to the most efficient route from the source to the customer. This means, as example, that every method of transport (road, sea and rail) has to be evaluated. We will make sure that the goods get the right transportation so that it will arrive on time to their destination, with the best possible quality.


Alex Metals imports a wide range of exclusive varieties of metals, alloys and metals scrap from all over the world. The quality of the imported metals, alloys and scrap are being monitored.


Alex Metals exports her wide range of base metals, alloys and metals scrap across the world. It doesn’t matter to us whether the customers are located in Italy, Germany, Turkey, United States, India, Malaysia or any other country. We make sure that the goods will be delivered fast and efficient and with minimum loss of quality.

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