Aluminum (Al)

List of Products Treated

Aluminum ingots grade A7 (min. purity 99.7% Al)

Aluminum ingots grade A5 (min. purity 99.5% Al)

Aluminum ingots grade A0 (min. purity 99.0% Al)

Articles used in food industry only (dinnerware, cans) excluding sheets, trivets, trays. Vehicle engine parts, alloy wheel discs, piece-metal, all aluminium alloys excluding carburetors and Zaparozec engines. Everyday articles (foldable beds, window frame cuttings, ventilators, sheets, profile cuttings, trivets, trays, wires, varnished door handles, vehicle body parts, vehicle aluminium radiators), round-metal. Food cans, soda and beer jars (non-magnetic). Complete engines with iron parts.

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